Great Quote on Glenn Beck

From the Earstwhile Conservative.

There simply isn’t any way of doing his madness justice without actually sitting down and watching it unfold before your eyes and ears. Beck is the Braveheart of straw man warfare. He is fearless in attacking a brand of liberalism that at best is or was held by only a handful of misguided maniacs. His husbandry is dramatically efficient at rooting out the rootless. He is the sleuth who can solve the uncommitted crime. He can see the scaffolding around a house no one is building, while he erects a cathedral of conspiracies in which his paranoid followers can worship their unknown and unknowable gods.


4 responses to “Great Quote on Glenn Beck

  1. Awesome quote! The first time I saw Beck’s show I thought it was Lenny Bruce sketch.

  2. I heard recently that he’s lost 30% of his audience over the last year. Might he be getting too crazy even for FOX?

  3. I used to listen to his radio show. It was kind of fun, they had a good buddy back and forth mixed with some conservative politics, usually spirited defense of President Bush. But about 3 years ago, it seems to me the tone of the show became so paramoid and fearful, it wasn’t much fun at all much of the time. You’d arrive at work ready to hang yourself. I stopped listening.

  4. His radio show is a mixed bag these days, Bruce. You still get fun banter between the 3 of ’em, Pat Stu and Glenn. Those are worth listening too. On the days when he gets, oh, carried away, I turn the dial to Laura Ingraham. She usually has great guests.

    Of course, being a somewhat regular listener, I’m not real excited about being characterized as paranoid. And straw men aren’t real, but generally GB talks about actual, real people and their actual, real quotes. As for whether they are a mere handful of “misguided maniacs,” well I think that’s debatable.

    One thing he is definitely losing me on lately: “The Seven.” Dude, don’t go all Dr. Phil on me. Not real interested.


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