Boehner backs off Social Security cuts

From Ezra Klein

The big concern that progressives had going into the State of the Union address was that President Obama would propose cuts to Social Security. That didn’t happen. And now, a few days after the State of the Union, John Boehner is backing off the cuts he’d previously proposed to Social Security.

Before the election, Boehner had said we should raise the retirement age to 70; he now says that proposing cuts was putting the cart before the horse. "I made a mistake when I did that because I think having the conversation about how big the problem is is the first step," Boehner told CNN’s Kathleen Parker. "And once the American people understand how big the problem is, then you can begin to outline an array of possible solutions." I take this as another example of the GOP’s flight from specificity.

Boehner backs off Social Security cuts
Ezra Klein
Thu, 27 Jan 2011 17:19:07 GMT


This doesn’t auger well for serious addressing of our fiscal situation.  I’m disappointed in Obama.  As a liberal, if he chose he has more potential to seriously address this than a right wingers.  It’s just like how Nixon could go to china.


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