Conservative Talker: “I Dont Even Know How To Talk About This” (via The Erstwhile Conservative: A Blog of Repentance)

The Erstwhile Conservative has good coverage of this event. It appears that a newly elected Republican congressman is using his influence to take revenge on a similar minded but critical blogger. This is pretty disturbing. The founding fathers wanted government’s power limited, because they understood that limitless power can never certain to be used by good men for good purposes. This whole story seems to show their wisdom on the subject of checks and balance and limits on the power of the state.

Sean at FiredUp!Missouri posted a couple of clips from Friday's broadcast of Mornings with Nick Reed on KSGF Newstalk in Springfield. Nick Reed is a conservative talk show host. Get that?  Nick Reed is a wild-eyed conservative, not a wild-eyed leftist who hates Billy Long. Reed was discussing the Billy Long Gets Even fiasco, involving the FBI and a blogger-critic of Ozark Billy.  Here is what the conservative Reed said while discussing, "Billy Lo … Read More

via The Erstwhile Conservative: A Blog of Repentance


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