Should a Lame Duck Quack? (via The BackChannel Blog)

A couple of brief observations:

1. The 1998 elections also indicated unpopularity of the direction of the party in the power. It was a rare case where there President’s party (Clinton’s Democrats) gained seats; and
2. However, the size of the loss of the majority was a lot smaller, and the Republicans did mantain a majority.

Should a Lame Duck Quack? The latest outrage from the right is the legislation Congress is trying to pass before the 111th United States Congress adjourns.  They insist that it is wrong for anything to pass before the new Congress is sworn in.  Some of the legislation are minor things like approving the START Treaty to make it difficult for nuclear proliferation. I'm trying to remember when there was this sort of major outrage during other lame duck sessions.  Sure there' … Read More

via The BackChannel Blog


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