Controlling Health Care Costs (via  Modeled Behavior)

This interesting in wonkish discussion, and it more existential aspects as well.

The deficit commission proposals are bringing forward a lot of conversations that I would have thought needed to wait. In that sense I have been presently surprised. Regular readers know that I am skeptical of the general practice of trying to head off problems long before they occur. Nonetheless, there is useful conversation to be had. Ezra Klein notes on cost control On the bright side, conservatives have now found a better way: "If the le … Read More

via  Modeled Behavior

4 responses to “Controlling Health Care Costs (via  Modeled Behavior)

  1. All these discussions about putting money out vs taking money in – does stimulus raise revenue? do tax cuts create jobs? I’ve not got your skills in this area, but it always sounds to me like people have pet theoretical outcomes and they stick to it.

    Today, I was watching McLaughlin Group (political scream show) and somehow they were discussing ending the monarchy in Britain because the royals live off the state and cost too much. It was a genuinely silly discussion, but I was astonished that they entirely ignored two very important things:

    1. the contribution to tourism
    2. the national identity at a time when all western democracies are struggling to integrate immigrants into the dominant culture. It’s said that in Britian the loudest and proudest fans of the monarchy are the immigrants. It’s what being British is all about.

    Anyway, stupid discussion and for some reason reminded me of economic chatter about how to improve the economy.

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