AC and Fareed Expose Why We’re “Toast”

via AC and Fareed Expose Why We’re “Toast”.

Fareed gives Paul Ryan credit for putting together a plan that makes some tough choices, even though he doesn’t think Americans or even other Republicans can support it:

The whole thing [the Ryan “Road Map” plan] may be too revolutionary to take place and it may also short-shrift seniors on health care, so I have some concerns about it. But basically it gets us thinking about how do you create a more rational, more simplified tax and entitlement structure that is sustainable in a world in which you have many, many more retirees then you had when this whole system was set up. But, the key is there are no Republicans who support it. Paul Ryan is pretty much out there on his own.

And he doesn’t sugar-coat the fact that Democrats don’t even have a plan:

CNN: What about on the Democratic side? Is there any likelihood that we will see some innovative proposals from the White House or Democratic leadership?

Zakaria: I doubt it, I think the Democrats, if the past is to be any guide, will tend to cling to the idea of preserving Social Security, preserving Medicare, and sort of try to paint the Republicans as the cruel heartless people who want to cut all this stuff. So if the Republicans are frankly, totally in a stubborn fantasy land on taxes where they simply cannot conceive of any possibility in which they would need to raise taxes to raise revenues, the Democrats are in a stubborn fantasy on cutting entitlement spending.

Watching the Anderson Cooper story (above) about the wild claims about the cost of the President’s upcoming trip to India (brought up, oddly, in response to a question about how the Republicans propose to bring Medicare spending under control), you might conclude we are “toast” when it comes to compromising for the sake of deficit reduction and fiscal responsibility in general.

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