Hatred that’s Hard for me to Understand

The dislike of some for Obama is so deep and visceral and hard for me to understand.

Check this out.

The photos of him that finish this post with are to some somehow showing how irresponsible or low he is? I don’t think anyone who doesn’t dislike him to begin with, as Nice Deb’s and most of her readers do will get it. But for her audience, I suppose that’s the point. I don’t get it.

He’s certainly made mistakes, the stimulus is too loaded with pork. The auto bailout was a mistake. I think she and I might agree on that. The healthcare law is going to be difficult to pay for. I hope the new congress will move him a click or two to the right on domestic issues.

We part company a lot on foreign policy I think. She I think sees the Iraq war as part of vital quest to rid the world of terror, but she can speak for herself. I believed that 7 years ago, but now I think that war has killed 5,000 Americans many for Iraqis, wounded many more, cost likely as much as the stimulus when its all said and done.

For what? To discover there were no WMDs. To install a government that is far from a model democracy, and where that country will be in five years includes many outcomes we may like less than Sadam.

On the war, I think Obama was right, it was dumb war that we rushed into in the heat of emotions after 9/11. George Bush (who I voted for enthusiastically in 2000) made one of the gravest decision a President faces much too lightly, in my eyes he is a failed President on that basis alone. I think he made up his mind and then basically didn’t want to be bothered with facts. Look how long it took before he recognized the 2003-2006 occupation was turning into a disaster and finally committed more troops.

Based on the belief that on a critical issue of war or not I think Obama recognizes that military force shouldn’t be used carelessly. That’s the lesson that I take away from Iraq. I don’t think most Republicans (except maybe Ron Paul) learned that and my fear is of what pointless war will they engage us in next if they come to power.

Obama may be a big spender, but I’ll take that over fighting wars for no good reason.


18 responses to “Hatred that’s Hard for me to Understand

  1. Let’s not forget Afghanistan – I supported that, hardly know anyone who didn’t, unlike Iraq which was deeply opposed.

    Yet, Bush all but pulled out of Afghanistan in a matter of months to build up for Iraq. He abandoned a just war, for an immoral war of choice. And now we’re stuck in Afghanistan, starting all over again, but with the burden of having gone to war against Iraq working against us and firing up more resistance.

  2. Ahh, the typical liberal.

    Free speech is your worst enemy. Why did you leave a comment that agrees with you up, yet triage my post into oblivion.

    Notice the page from which you linked this article allowed you to post a dissenting viewpoint?

    Are you lefties supposed to be the ones that are “open”, “tolerant” and “accepting”? Or are you only “open”, “tolerant” and “accepting” to other lefties?

    I’ll post again, even though you won’t let it do through to your section because it makes you lefties look like the complete hypocrites that you are (combined with your censorship of a post that disagreed with you).

    If the pictures you saw on that other blog are a brand of “hate” you simply cannot understand, I ask you…is this the type of hate you DO understand?


  3. So answer the question.

    If the message behind posting pictures of your Savior eating a hotdog, or throwing like a girl, or kissing the hands of Middle Eastern leaders is a hatred you cannot understand, I ask you…do you understand easier the hatred in the pictures I linked?

    I’m guessing that’s the first time you’ve seen those pictures. Because if they weren’t shown on MSNBC, ABC, CNN, NBC, CBS, BBC and every other media outlet EXCEPT for FOX news…I would hardly expect you to have ever seen them.

    Yet you and your liberals friends are totally happy attacking FOX news as being full of it. You’re perfectly happy seeing the Tea Party portrayed as racist, bigoted morons on a nightly basis but you’ve never seen these on any news station.

    Because those news stations only tell you half stories, half lies and half truths. And you’re happy with that.

  4. No I don’t understand that hatred in the photos you provided either. Accusing President Bush of staging 9/11, or lying us into the Iraq war is a sign of a delusional state of mind. While I don’t recall seeing the specific pictures you sent, I’ve seen similar ones and, yes I certainly knew many people despised George Bush and made crazy allegations. (I watch Fox, I like O’reilly occasionally.)

    I don’t get anybody’s blood pressure going through the roof from just seeing a picture of Bush eating a hotdog or throwing a baseball. Most of the folks in the photos you sent likely would react that way to a photo of Bush. I don’t get them either.

    • Every president comes in for his share of the crazies. (Bill Clinton killed Vince Foster and ran drugs in Arkansas!). Perhaps it’s really been different with Bush and Obama because with youtube, the proliferation of blogs and Facebook, this nonsense travels around the world in a nano second. Anyone paying any attention at all is exposed to all of it.

      Too bad we can’t shove these marginal types back into obscurity.

      That ‘pastor’ in Florida who was going to burn the Q’uran? We’d never have heard of the old fool twenty years ago. Times are different.

      • While I agree that his actions were foolish, his message was not.

        People were killed because someone drew a cartoon picture of Allah.

        People in the Middle East burn the American Flag on a daily basis…and no one goes nuts here rioting in the streets and burning their flags everytime we get offended.

        If we head down the road of the liberal, where everything is hatred, bigotry and racism…we will be no better than the reactionary, uninformed countries that do.

    • No one’s blood pressure was up.

      The pictures of him eating a hotdog were meant to poke fun…the rest of the pictures were funny – so were those.

      But the typical knee-jerk liberal reaction is to label conservatives “hateful”, “bigots” or “racists”. And that’s what you did.

      You seem smart enough to know that posting a picture of him throwing a baseball like a girl isn’t meant to inspire hatred…the signs carried by your fellow liberals calling for his death…are.

      When you play that “hate”, “bigot”, “race” card as often as you guys tend to, it does nothing but create a straw-man argument in your favor, and cheapen real hate, real bigotry and real racism when it happens.

      • Paul – liberals talk about race; conservatives call that ‘playing the race card’.

        If we can’t talk about these things, we’ll stand still forever and progress will happen in other countries.

        We have – over the last 50 years – come a simply astonishing distance in our embrace of tolerance and expansion of justice. Going backward would be a disgrace.

  5. We have come a long way.

    But when…let’s pick an example…

    Michael Vick gets arrested for dog fighting, and race enters into it…it cheapens and insults those that suffered at the miserable feet of true racism.

    When Black Panthers are outside voting booths and nothing happens, I’m saddened.

    I’m saddened because the White Guilt that exists allows our culture to be defined by false senses of race/hatred/bigotry.

    Bruce labeled those pictures of Obama eating a hot-dog as “hatred”.

    That is, by all means, THE race card.

    If you’d like to discuss race, I am all for it…but if we’re going to discuss things liberals find offensive and immediately label as racist, I won’t take part…because all it does is spit in the faces of those that truly suffered.

    People cheered, here in America, when some idiot off his meds threw his shoes at Bush. It was the lead story on every news outlet.

    Some idiot off his meds throws a book at Obama, and because it’s not one of those “racist” Tea Party members, no one knows about it. That that would be a story if it was a conservative?

    You guys have labeled the Tea Party as racist, for no reason. The head of the NAACP can’t even come up with a viable reason for why he thinks they’re racist. He just *needs* them to be.

    If they aren’t racist, they’re a legitimate threat to their power. The racist argument is nothing but a straw-man used by The Left in order to keep the uninformed voters voting.

    And you simply can’t deny that this election was won by the uninformed.

    These people believe whatever they are told. Tell them some rich, white guy is racist and wants to take everything from them, they’ll believe it.

    It’s classic straw-man.

    We’ve come a long way…and the fact that the Muslim community in America has come out and said “We NEED George W. Bush back” (Google it) says it all. Because of his steadfast, resolute message that we were not at war with Muslims, but with Fundamentalist whackos Bush did a lot for race relations with Muslims in the country.

    As for our relations with African-Americans, my example above hold true. When you throw race at everything you don’t like, you insult, disrespect, cheapen and actually erase anything that’s been done to make any progress whatsoever.

    Please, stop by my blog sometime. It’s not good to only get your news from those that you agree with.

  6. [People cheered, here in America, when some idiot off his meds threw his shoes at Bush. It was the lead story on every news outlet.]

    It was the lead story because someone actually assaulted the Presdient of the United States on foreign soil. How in elvis’ name could that not be a lead story.

    That is a big, big story however you cut it.

    And let me add Paul, that most commenters at my blog are in fact conservatives – they know however that I’m not fond of tossing insults back and forth. We try to have actual dialogue. Don’t always succeed, but we try.

    For all of us, it’s about tone.

  7. I’ve checked his blog once in a while since. All I can say is that is one angry dude.

    • Hey, hi bruce – don’t know what we’re doing on this old thread – I forgot all about old Paul. Not just angry, but it seems to me he’s also itching for a fight.

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