Password Unprotected

I find that demanding more and more complicated passwords is an enormous pain.  Much of is I think more to avoid liability from claims that against a site that they did protect you from yourself.

“I seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time these days resetting my password.  I used to have a handful of passwords which I rotated between types of sites–one for email, one for financial, etc.  But the number of sites that I use has grown, and so has the complexity that many of them demand.  This eventually triggered a sort of a vicious cycle–as I got more passwords, it became harder to remember which one I’d used where, and the number of passwords I’d employed greatly exceeded the three-attempt limit after which many systems lock you out.  That meant I needed to get my passwords reset, often by sites that do not allow you to recycle, so now I had even more passwords . . . Megan McArdle”

via Password Unprotected.

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