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Is totalitarianism just big government?

You hear President Obama equated with Hitler or Stalin a lot these days. This seemingly implies that spending or a government role in health care is dictatorship. Is that true?

You see the question asked here:

Unfortunately, all I got out of the story is the nagging thought of how insane is Dan Mitchell? Why? Well, because Mitchell boils all of communism’s problems down to excessive government:

This chart, comparing inflation-adjusted per-capita GDP in Chile and Cuba, is a good illustration of the human cost of excessive government.

He goes on to show a chart of per-capita GDP growth between Chile and Cuba. As if Chile has been the model of restraint over the past few decades. Sure, Chile liberated it’s markets, but Pinochet was a disaster to every individual’s rights — something I’m assuming CATO still stands up for.

I also think the answer is no big government like Europe or Obama’s US are not dictatorships.

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