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Gulf Oil Spill: Rick Steiner Got BP Disaster Right From The … | Oil Spill News

The administration is being misleading when it asserts the oil from the BP spill is “gone”.

Gulf Oil Spill: Rick Steiner Got BP Disaster Right From The … | Oil Spill News.

Equality of results or opportunity

For what its worth, we shouldn’t pursue equality of outcomes, and the American way is equality of opportunity.

However, I don’t think that implies that as a nation we should be totally unconcerned about the equality or inequality of results.

Statistics would suggest that the results are becoming steadily more inequitable in this country. If you don’t buy the statistics or find them to abstract to believe, how about this.

Being in my fifties, it seems to me that brands who sold to the “middle” class have suffered over the last 40 years. Stores like JC Penny in my mind were aimed at the middle, those not rich but not poor. Today middle class brands are being left in the dust by high end and low end products like Nordstroms and Walmart.

Given this I think we should focus on keeping this a middle class country. A part of this is in fact failure of government in the form of a failing education system, so conservative policy can and should address this issue. In case though with rising inequality, I’d argue we should not be indifferent to “fairness”. Doing so doesn’t make us socialist (I don’t think that term has been brought up here, but it has other places).

Relative Solvency of Entitlement Programs | The Incidental Economist

Relative Solvency of Entitlement Programs | The Incidental Economist.

Is Europe hell? One percenters — Crooked Timber

More comparison of Europe and the US via Crooked Timber blog.

It’s hard to make the point that Europe is hell, or at least so I think.

One percenters — Crooked Timber.