Daily Archives: 07/12/2010

Obama a Socialist?

As best I can tell, much of the US populous think the nation in peril, because among other things: our president is a socialist.

I’m skeptical of that. Let check out foxnews (he is President Obama):

O’REILLY: Do you think he’s a socialist?

STOSSEL: I don’t think it’s a useful term. He hasn’t said — he did say “I prefer single-payer health care.” He did take over GM. But he said, “We want to give GM back to the private sector.”

O’REILLY: So you have suspicions that he may be?

STOSSEL: I call him…

O’REILLY: I can see this.

STOSSEL: I call him an interventionist.

O’REILLY: An interventionist. Nobody knows what that means.

STOSSEL: Well, nobody knows what socialism means.

Even on fox, not everyone agrees that there is the hard and fast rubicon that once crossed for economic policy means:


Most of the last 30 years we’ve been in a cycle of deregulation, and reductions in taxes. Obama seems to be swinging the pendulum back the other way. That said though taxes (at least for now) are lower then the average of recent decades. Airlines are still deregulated, as are many other sectors. We may be heading in a direction that would Europize our economy a bit. Some correction in the other direction may be called for.

I’m concerned that we may overcorrect in re-regulation and so on in response to Obama’s election. I think we have a fiscal situation we must address sooner than later.

I think conservatives should be proposing superior alternatives to the President’s proposals, but still work with him to solve the nation’s problems, to find the right spot on a continuum. I don’t think that our president is anywhere on the darkside of some rubicon that makes him our enemy, or arguably a socialist, whatever that means.