Should BP nuke its leaking oil well?

This is an amzing idea that keeps being discussed.  Even Bill Clinton’s on board with a non-nuclear version:

“…former U.S. President Bill Clinton has voiced support for the idea of an explosion to stem the flow of oil, albeit one using conventional materials rather than nukes. “Unless we send the Navy down deep to blow up the well and cover the leak with piles and piles and piles of rock and debris, which may become necessary…unless we are going to do that, we are dependent on the technical expertise of these people from BP,” Clinton told the Fortune/Time/CNN Global Forum in South Africa on June 29. ”

I heard this discussed on Foxnews morning talk show.  I was surprised at the idea (I think it’s got to be risky at least), and that the fox host was complementing Clinton as a leader.

I think it was mostly a backhanded way to suggest Obama isn’t a leader.


via Should BP nuke its leaking oil well?.

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