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Crazyness all around: Sharron Angle’s Revolution | The New Republic

Sharon Angle has certainly gotten a lot attention.  Since she could claim the scalp of part of the Democratic parties leadership is one reason I think.

But her vague suggestions of armed resistance to “tyranny” has gotten a lot attention.  Form Jonathan Chait:

Earlier this year, Angle said:

In fact, Thomas Jefferson said it’s good for a country to have a revolution every 20 years,” Angle said in January in an interview with conservative talk show host Lars Larson. “I hope that’s not where we’re going. But, you know, if this Congress keeps going the way it is, people are really looking toward those Second Amendment remedies.”

Per Greg Sargent, Angle was asked about that statement and simply changed the subject:

I can’t believe people are even asking that,” Angle said in the brief interview. “I’m very much a proponent of the Second Amendment and the Constitution. But what we have to focus on here is a movement, a movement that’s about retiring Harry Reid” by voting him out of office

There’s been a lot of wild, loose rhetoric on the right since Obama took office — wilder and more mainstream than the equivalent on the left under George W. Bush — but Angle is really taking things dangerously far.

This seem overblown to me.  The local televsion media has badgered about the same thing.  Personally I’m not fond of violence for any purpose and I own no guns.  I’ve supported President Obama on many issues, but I’m not a liberal.

The talk of using second amendment rights to resist the government sound extreme, but I think it has to be considered as a possible reaction to a set of extreme fears that some take quite seriously.   Many are convinced they will be grabbing their 30-30 in response to:  concentration camps; confiscation of privately held gold; and other outrages like the return of the fairness doctrine.

So a crazy response is discussed to a crazy hypothetical.  I don’t think the rights worse fears will come to pass and neither will the scary response.  People need to calm down.

In any case, a second amendment response to concentration camps might not be such a crazy thing.

via Sharron Angle’s Revolution | The New Republic.

Obama, Deepwater Horizon, and the Jones Act

I’ve been critical of most Obama criticism, but at least some complaints of slow action against the spill seem to have merit, as I’ve said before.  One is that the Jones act to prohibit using foreign ships has been suspended.  The effect has been small, but it sounds like the administration has been slow.


via Obama, Deepwater Horizon, and the Jones Act.