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Underemployment Fell in May

Donald Marron

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Another View

Another View

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The Budget Uncertainties of Health Reform

This seems like one of the best discussions of the budget and how the health reform may affect the deficit.

Donald Marron

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I supported the objective of the reform law and the law as well. Maybe I just did so to justify having voting for Obama. That said, I think getting congress to allow the parts of the act like additional taxes that made in deficit neutral or deficit reducing will be a real challenge.

I think I supported the also because no real alternative to address the same issues was proposed. The Republican were totally nihilistic.

Sullivan/Palin Deserves Privacy

Andrew Sullivan who I read daily and almost always find worth it has spent a lot of Ink on Sarah Palin’s son Trig.  Too much I think.

I’ve never been able to understand how the “true” story of his birth is useful to us as voters.  Jonathan Bernstein makes the same point.

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