Rush Limbaugh: The Election of Scott Brown Refutes RINOS or (Just how drug adled is Rush?)

The day after Scott Brown was elected in Mass, Rush was proclaiming and verbally giving the finger to the likes Collin Powell.  That showed those RINOS what American wants!

This was followed with a bunch of other barely coherent crowing about sticking it to the various enemies of what Rush see as the enemies of him and the “Real America” that he see all about, especially in the White House.

Only trouble is, Scott Brown it seems to me is arguably a RINO, or at least not a Rush Republican.  A Rush Republican, prides himself on uncompromising conservatism and throws it in your face constantly (also doesn’t let facts get in the way of beliefs – Sadam was behind 9/11 and has weapons of mass destruction, lets go to war ASAP).   He generally see no merit working with opponents, and seems to believe liberals shouldn’t be much short of rounded up for concentration camps.

Brown however, accepts gay marriage and legal abortion.  He uses the phrase “big tent”, (perhaps you need a pretty big tent just for Rush alone though).  I can’t prove it but I doubt that a Rush Repub. would have won in the Bay State.  The need to accomadate views other than those of the hard right seem to have been proved in his victory.

The Amercian Spectator argues that Brown is no Rino in:

The American Spectator : AmSpecBlog : David Frum Is Wrong: Scott Brown is No ‘RINO’.

However this article seems to make it case, but suggesting he’s just being a typically disingenuine politician.  I’m not sure that seems any better.


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